So Long My Captain

by Drowned Out

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released December 1, 2013

All lyrics written by Logan Boyle
Written and performed by Drowned Out
Additional Vocals performed by Avery Black

Recorded with Avery Black
Engineered and Mixed by Avery Black
Mastered by Mat Halliday at Minx Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Drowned Out Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: The North
They say that he doesn't have sympathy
They say that he lives through apathy
He loved himself a woman whom he gave everything
He loved himself a woman whom he thought was comforting

What about songs I know you sung?
What about words I know you heard?

He spends his nights drinking heavily
Hoping to drink away her memory
He says he’s done as a he toasts to himself
Another one saying, “Hopefully I’ll forget what she was to me.”

What about songs I know you sung?
What about words I know you heard?

Jealousy was the last of me and my feelings
I didn’t like the way they twisted my insides

Drinking stupid and new tattoos
Is the only way I’ll ever get through
The sickness that’s inside my head

Drinking stupid with thoughts of you
Is the only way I ever got to
The sickness of wishing that I were dead.
Track Name: Empty Words
He’s writing himself to hell
With empty words that he can’t tell anyone one
When does darkness start to look like his friend? (Let a bullet clear my head)
And he’s scared of the sun

Weigh him down with everything he isn't
And only feel sorry when he
Takes what he feels is all that’s left of himself

So he’ll sail himself away
Only to find a better place
For his head that is now filled with regret
For loving so easily someone that broke him simply.

Ribcages are so worthless
When our hearts still get broken
So take my spine, I said, “I’ll be fine
Who needs a spine when they’ve lost their mind?”
Track Name: Death by Hotel Bed Sheets
2:00 a.m. and we can feel the darkness creeping in
As we lie naked and bare
2:00 a.m. and I realized my mistake
Knowing you’ll never love my skin again

So I’ll sing to you slow
And I’ll tap the drum that lays inside your ear
Whisper slow so you hear every word
I’ll make sure you hear me when I say, “I hate your insides.”

Is there a better way to find myself inside your mind?
Considering you’re whispering, whispering the wrong name to me
Is there a better way to find myself in my own mind?
Because I know I’m typical, I know I’m typically original
Track Name: Re | Vo | Lym
“Sit down, have a seat,” that’s what you said to me
I felt the words sink into a mind that’s on the brink
Of destroying itself, and alcohol never helps
Because no matter how much I drank, your face would never fade, away

So your voice and words ring, “Darling you don’t mean a thing”
And I’ll ask you to come clean about the man you have been seeing
You laughed as you said, “I slept in more than one bed.”

That image will remain in my head and I can no longer take this.
(I will kill what is left of me, whatever exists)
So hello to sin, to lying, to the end
And so long my captain, my lover, my friend.
Track Name: Lucid Delusion
Oh what a mess you made of my head making me feel like I am nothing
Oh what a mess I made of you instead spilling your guts all over in my head
You did the same to me in our bed telling me that our love meant nothing

And I’m not much better
Because I think much darker
About your soft smooth skin
I dream about making it end

I know I don’t fade away so easily from your mind (Everyone knows he’s alone)
You come in to watch me sleep and take my lungs away (Everyone knows he’s alone)

You took my lungs, and you watched me sleep. (And you took my lungs) He’s alone
Track Name: Vigilaveris
When you woke up did you feel the same?
When you woke up did you expect a change?
Don’t be stupid boy, it’s all the same
Don’t be stupid boy, forever and always doesn’t exist

Don’t we all wake up to
The darkness on the other side of the room?

Well I’m amazed at the way you speak phrases
Did you know you were whispering the wrong name, did you dear?
Did you hear me when I said, “Did you dear?”
Did you hear me?

(I hate your guts) I hate the way you touch me
(I’ll call you clutch) for coming in at the right time to kill me
(You took my soul) broke it in two and then prayed to a God you barely knew
(I’m sick and tired) of being blue so I wrote a song to erase you

We all know that forgiveness comes at a cost
Send me a sign, can’t you see that I’m lost?
Track Name: Port
I lost my lungs in a song that I sung, and I stayed the same
How was your trip to Northern England, did you stay the same?

Rumor is you lost part of yourself along the way
Not so many know you lost so much so long ago
I am a slave to the call of your name, I am a slave
I’ll sail away, I’ll sail away, I’ll sail away

So I hear it is oceans that never sleep
Making them the best company for the lonely
So I’ll go and find myself a home and I think
I will be free from the thought of you and me forever

I’ll sail away, I'll sail away, I'll sail away
(I am a slave to the call of your name, I am a slave)
Track Name: So Long My Captain
He broke in new shoes
With hopes they’d take him places he’s never been to
Then slowly learned
That everything is the same to him

So he loved someone new
And she only showed him he is alone
Yes, he tried so hard to erase the scar from the woman he loved so

“I’ll go where I hear oceans never sleep
Making them the best company.”
I hear oceans never sleep
Making them the best company for the lonely

He slowly learned that the ocean is the loneliest thing
When you go alone, well you learn to, learn to die slow

He wrote to her something new
(He wrote he’d fade away, in a beautiful endless grave)
That he loved her slow
(And the memory of his name, will slowly fade away.)
Yes he tried so hard but the world is a dark place, yes now he will sink away

Now he sings in oceans that never sleep
And you can hear him from shore
It starts off a scream but then ends peacefully
When he sings his song for the lonely

I’ll waste away, under waves
You’ll hear me say, you’ll hear
“I wrote a song for the lonely only so she’d hear me
And I don’t think she heard a thing
I will fade away from her memory and I will sink
I would have done anything for her, ironically
She’s what killed me, killed me, killed me."

"I wrote a song for the lonely only so she’d hear me
And I don’t think she heard a thing
Now I will fade to the bottom of seas
And I will sing her name forever
I’ll waste away”